Becoming a member of the EU Soap Quality System is less expensive than you might initially expect.

Especially when you consider the costs if you’re not a member.

All soap makers are required to comply with the European Hygiene & Cosmetics Regulation. This is no walk in the park, because the associated laws are complicated and are being more frequently enforced in a number of European countries. If you do not comply, you risk incurring fines or worse penalties in the form of business closure or even imprisonment. As an individual soap maker, it takes a lot of time and money to arrange all processes in such a way that you comply with these ever-stricter laws.

Ensuring compliance with legal requirements in your own capacity will cost thousands of Euros a year.

If you want to do it all yourself, you’ll have to obtain the right certification, compile a product dossier and perform a risk analysis. You’ll also have to check whether your production area is compliant, whether your methods are correct, whether your labels are accurate and whether possible allergens in your recipes fall within the right safety margins.

Outsourcing these tasks involves finding someone who is willing and qualified, usually a pharmacist. This person must agree to assume responsibility for your soap and normally charges € 1,000 to € 1,500 per recipe. Then, you must hope that regulations for the ingredients that you’ve used do not change. If this happens, you’ll have to modify the recipe in question and again contact your pharmacist for verification of your findings, after which you can expect to receive another bill.

You will also have to submit your product data to inspection agencies, where you might be asked difficult questions about your soap products, production processes and production area.

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We offer 3 different subscription options, all of which ensure that everything is up-to-date and grant you access to more than 1 million recipes:

  1. Soapmaking with a soap extruder / liquid soap / bath salts / moulded soap > € 595 per year
  2. Soap production using the Cold Process method only > € 395 per year
  3. VProduction involving both of the abovementioned > € 695 per year

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