You make cleansing and soothing soap products.

So it’s essential that your production area and methods comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Working according to GMP involves production hygiene – as well as production method – requirements. Orderliness and cleanliness form the basis of good manufacturing practices. If, following inspection, your production area and method meet the relevant requirements, you’ll receive an official EU Soap Quality System in your name, valid for three years.

Certified production area

Experts from the EU Soap Quality System will visit your production area and compile a document containing recommendations that must be acted upon. Once this is complete, you’ll be assured of compliance with the strict legal requirements for areas in which soap products are manufactured.

Prescribed method

Soap products must be produced in accordance with the prescribed method. To facilitate this, you’ll have access to a software package containing more than 1 million recipes and a logbook for recording everything – from ingredients and production methods used to location and end-product certification.

Training and refreshers

The EU Soap Quality System presents training on the legal aspects of soap production and also offers the recurring refresher courses required by law.

Hygiene protocols

Cleanliness during production is essential when it comes to cosmetic products like soap. This means that mandatory hygiene protocols must be strictly observed at all times.

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