You make the soap. We’ll handle the paperwork.

You’d rather spend your time creating the loveliest soap products than waste it on administrative paperwork. That’s why you are a member of the EU Soap Quality System. Its backbone is the Tracing system, which does all the hard work for you so that your soap products comply with regulations at all times.

But what does the Tracing system actually do, and what do I get for my money?

The law stipulates that the origins of a soap product must be and remain traceable at all times. Necessary details include ingredients used, recipes and the soapmaking location. This demands an extensive, well-devised administration method. If you sign up to the quality system, you’ll use the LabelMaker software developed by us for your soap production. It forms part of the Tracing system. With this system, your dossiers will always be up-to-date and the legally-required labelling and traceability of your soap products will be guaranteed.

Access to more than 1 million recipes

Unrivalled access to more than 1 million recipes for making soap products. An automated production logbook is kept in which everything gets recorded – from ingredients and production methods used to location and end-product certification.

Use of approved ingredients

By law, the origins of the ingredients used by you must be traceable. Also, any possible combinations used in a recipe must be approved.

By using our SQS LabelMaker software, you’ll be complying with these requirements.

Batch numbering for end products

Your soap products must have batch numbers so that production dates and locations are traceable at all times. With our SQS LabelMaker software, batch numbers are automatically generated and document, meaning that you’ll comply with this legal requirement.

Labelling system

The law specifically stipulates what information should appear on the label or your soap product. Using our SQS LabelMaker software, you can print labels for you soap products that comply with the legal requirements.

Product Information Files

We compile and manage the Product Information Files (PIFs). These files contain all the legally-required information about your soap products. European Union inspection agencies must be granted access to your PIFs upon request. However, we will handle such requests on your behalf.

And CPNP registration too

On behalf of you as a soap maker, we arrange – or support you in arranging – mandatory registration with the local authorities. And we also handle the registration of your recipe ingredients within the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). Information in the CPNP can be accessed electronically by the inspection authorities in European Union member states.

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