Three hours of soapmaking fun, then at least four hours spent on paperwork in order to fulfil all the legal requirements.

Regardless of whether you make soap on a small or large scale, every soap or bath product that you produce must comply with the European Hygiene and Cosmetics Regulation. Fines for non-compliance can quickly add up to thousands of Euros. Because of this, we developed the European soap quality system in early-2000, a system that has been tried and tested by the regulators in every EU country where our members are based.

Soap and bath products manufactured in accordance with the latest regulations. You’re in safe hands.

Over the past decades, the EU Soap Quality System has grown to become the European standard in expert and affordable advice and guidance provided to large- and small-scale soap producers on arranging all processes in such a way that they comply with ever-stricter regulations at all times. We even assume full ultimate responsibility for the soap products made by soap producers who have signed up to the quality system. With us, you’re in safe hands.

Membership offers the following benefits

We assume responsibility for your soapmaking paperwork

You are, after all, a soap maker and not an accountant. The system ensures that you can keep doing what you do best, which is making top-quality, superior soap and bath products.

Free access to exclusive Labelmaker software

Lablemaker handles your soapmaking traceability and allows you to print – amongst others – your own labels for your soap or bath products. This means full compliance with European Union legal requirements.

Unrivalled access to more than 1 million soap recipes

Recipes with logbooks for recording everything – from ingredients and production methods used to location and end-product certification.


After you have completed the mandatory training with us and meet the other requirements, you will receive a personalized ‘EU-SQS MANDATE’ certificate that is valid for 1 year. Frame it and hang it in the soap making room.

Priority when it comes to orders, free advice and special offers

As a member, you’ll receive all kinds of benefits like priority from our associated supplier, extra-quick delivery and personal advice if you experience technical or legal problems.

European Hygiene and Cosmetics Regulation

All manufacturers of soap products within the European Union must comply with strict EU regulations. These are for the protection of consumers. National inspection agencies enforce observance of the relevant laws. 25% of soap producers in Europe have recently undergone inspection, and this percentage is growing. The producers involved, who are members of our quality system, have been able to prove compliance with the European Hygiene and Cosmetics Regulation.

Join our family of responsible soap makers. Over the past decades, the EU Soap Quality System has grown to become the most reliable production process for the expert protection, certification and support of traditional soap makers throughout the entire EU.

EU Soap Quality System (SQS)
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