Nobody in Europe makes soap like you make it. Nobody in Europe can protect you like we can.

Whoever makes soap and bath products in Europe has to comply with strict requirements because these products come into contact with the skin. Irritation as a result of use can be attributed to the skin, but also to the soap. If the soap maker has complied with certain requirements, he or she can rest assured that neither the ingredients nor the recipe are to blame and can therefore not be held liable. With us you’re in safe hands.

To ensure risk-free soapmaking, the EU Soap Quality System offers the most comprehensive scheme that facilitates compliance with Europe’s strict regulations. Signing up means that you – as a traditional soap maker – receive affordable reassurance that you are observing the law. This site explains exactly what steps you should take.

The Soap Quality System evolves to stay in line with strict European Union laws.

As a member, you’re in safe hands at all times. Even when regulations become stricter. With this quality system, you can always be sure that you’re not just complying with all the regulations, but are also fulfilling the requirements related to the certification and training necessary for the production of soap and bath products. This means that you can be confident in offering you customers products that are not just of the highest quality, but are also safe for consumer use and do not harm the environment.

Join our family of responsible soap makers. Over the past decades, the EU Soap Quality System has grown to become the most reliable production process for the expert protection, certification and support of traditional soap makers throughout the entire EU.

Our unique tracing system

Regardless of whether you make soap on a small or large scale, you are required by law to prove the origins of your soap product. These origins should also be traceable. Aspects to consider here include ingredients, recipes used and the location of your soapmaking enterprise. To achieve this, we have developed a reliable system.

What is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?

Regardless of whether you make soap on a small or large scale, the law states that your soap production methods and the design of your production area must add up, as well as comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) protocols.

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