Wow! Thanks to our pharmacologists, you have exclusive access to more than a million soap recipes.

This is just one of the advantages of being a member of the EU Soap Quality System (SQS). You get free access to more than 1 million recipes that you can choose from. These are recipes with logbooks in which all details are recorded – from ingredients, production method and location to end product certification. But how does it work? Simply enter your ingredients and the amount you’d like to make by noting the ingredient batch numbers and product volume. The system will generate the suggested recipe and organise the rest of the process. In following these steps, you’ll be complying with the strict European Hygiene & Cosmetics Regulation.

Nobody else can offer as may recipes or combinations. SQS pharmacologists have conducted risk analyses on all possible recipes to make sure that the different ingredients – whether individually or combined – have no harmful effect on the skin. They hold dossiers on every ingredient. And, for each batch supplied, they check whether the details on the analysis certificate are correct and within permissible margins as defined on the datasheet. In putting together their dossiers, our pharmacologists have only considered ingredients from Gildewerk BV. As a result, we can only assume responsibility for your soap production if you use those ingredients. Gildewerk has made the ingredients in question appealing and affordable for you as an SQS member.

EU Soap Quality System (SQS)
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